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The Music Maker. One Blind Guy

Welcome. One Blind Guy

Enjoy the following! I dabble in guitar with my Tele Squire and Fender backstage amp along with my G2 effects pedal. Past recordings have been made with a Sansa MP3 recorder/player and my H-2 Zoom recorder which produces fantastic output quality. However, I really can't use either without sighted help. So, looking for a fully accessible recorder. All of my edits are done with the accessible software program (free) Audacity which perhaps is a future possibility with a suitable input connection. My current computer does not allow such. Onward and upward!

In You Are, if you hear chirping in background, you are not hearing things. That is a pet Cockatiel, Lady. I guess she likes the production! Here are the words that I sing, which is a single verse of the original song.

You Are repeated four times,
God of Moses, Hear our stuttered praise,
Give us strength in weakness,
To free all enslaved.

You Are

William Brandes the owner of William Brandes Consulting, Tiffin, Ohio with twenty years experience in website design, server-hosting, online marketing, and, lives with his wife Pam and two adult children. William is a power user of adaptive technology, enjoying reading (Kindle/Windows tablet/VR Stream), playing guitar and golf in his spare time. How does your website rate, especially when it comes to accessibility? For William digital technology isn't an option, it's an essential part of the accessible world!

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